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Cary School of Creative Arts / Clayton School of Creative Arts

 Policies and Fees January 2022




Your tuition is based on an annual fee, divided into 12 equal monthly installments. Regardless of how many classes fall within any given calendar month (usually 4, sometimes 5, sometimes 3) your tuition payment stays constant. Your instructor has reserved that block of time for you, and is still there even if you cannot attend. If you are sick or otherwise unavailable for a class, we do offer a make up class for those weeks but not a reduction in tuition.  A tuition credit will be offered only if CSCA is unable to provide your class. Classes can be discontinued at any time with a 2 week written notice, by email, to our student accounts.


1.New students are invited in for a free trial lesson.


2. Concerts and other performance opportunities will be organized several times each year in a variety of venues.  Participation is encouraged, but optional. 


3. There is no registration fee.


4. Tuition is collected monthly on or before the first lesson of the month. 


5. There are 45 lessons per calendar year for every day of the week. To make the payments easier on both parents and teachers, the monthly fee is the same whether a given month has 3, 4 or 5 scheduled lessons. 


6. Lessons are offered year round on 45 of the 52 weeks of the year.  The 7 vacation weeks attempt to accommodate local, public and private school calendars.


7. We ask that withdrawal notice be given by the 15th day of the month that will be the student’s last month of lessons.





Materials Fee:

Music: There is not an annual materials fee. A $26.95 materials fee will be assessed only when a new Diamond Piano Method Book is issued to a student. Students are always welcome to bring their own separate materials.   Art: A $15.00 materials fee at the beginning of each semester.



  1. Tuition Payments – For convenience, tuition is payable by an online monthly invoice, check, bank card or the SquareCash app before the first class of each month.



 2. Make up Lessons:  Provided that a student has given 24+ hours notice of an impending absence, Cary School of Creative Arts will make a good faith effort to reschedule the missed lesson.  We may not be able to reschedule missed lessons when students have not given at least 24 hours notice. If a CSCA teacher misses a lesson, a substitute teacher will be arranged and provided with background on each student that they will see.  If CSCA fails to arrange for a substitute and has to cancel a lesson, students have the option of a tuition credit or a makeup lesson.

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