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"Unlimited Anime" allows you to attend unlimited art classes every week for just $70 per month extra.

5 Stars! We have been attending the Saturday morning Anime Drawing at CSCA for over 4 years. Eddie Chin has been teaching my daughter how to draw anime style and any other type of technique she inquires about. Mr. Eddie works with each student to develop their skills at their own pace by letting students choose their own pieces that inspire them (as another parent mentioned). Mr. Eddie is an outstanding teacher and great with children of all ages. It has been a great place to meet other like-minder friends who have developed a friendship outside of this class! I highly recommend CSCA. It is a great learning environment with outstanding teachers                                                  Chris   (2017)

*Mangaka is the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist. Outside of Japan, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book and mangaka refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese. As of 2006, about 3000 professional mangaka were working in Japan. Some artists may study at an art college, manga school, or take on an apprenticeship with another mangaka, before entering the world of manga as a professional artist. However, there are some that just start in manga, without being an assistant by applying to contests that magazines run. 


A mangaka will rise to prominence through recognition of their ability when they spark the interest of institutions, individuals or a demographic of manga consumers. For example, there are contests which prospective mangaka may enter, sponsored by manga editors and publishers.