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Welcome to the CSCA Art Department 

Foundations of Art I , II and III (Ages  8 - 15 yrs)

These sequential Art classes are for the student that just can't get enough Art at school, and want to begin to refine their skills and learn new techniques. This class will explore lots of mediums such as : oils, acrylics, watercolor, prismacolor, graphite, lithography, photography, print making and much more. The most important elements like training young artists to "see" the world around them will be a constant theme.

"Spend as much time looking at what you are drawing, as you do drawing it." , will be a phrase they hear many times! 

There are many amazing and lucrative careers in the field of Visual Arts, and these classes will lead our students to eventually join our "Get Published :Illustration"  class where we work for real magazines, getting your artwork printed!

Mini Monet's Art Class (Ages 5-7 years old)

This Art class is a fun introduction to the world of drawing and painting. We'll use some of the world's most recognized masterpieces and some of their favorite characters as our starting points, so that your little artist will get to try all kinds of artistic materials including watercolors, oil pastels and chalk pastels as we recreate some of those famous works. We'll learn some new drawing techniqes and see how basic shapes, and the 3 primary colors, help us to create our own wonderful artwork. Each day our Mini-Monets will proudly come home with a new piece of artwork.  

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