Our Piano & Digital Keyboard classes are offered for ages 4 to Adult . for all levels beginner to advanced. Our exclusive methods and curriculum, teach students how to CREATE their own music....learning music the way you would learn a language! Think about how limiting it would be if you could only speak by READING words, but didn't know how to have a conversation and speak your own thoughts. Unfortunately, that is how most music is taught. teaching kids ONLY to read music, but not really knowing how to play it. Our students learn how to play in band settings, and as solo performers too. 

Piano and Digital Keyboard Classes

The cutting edge curriculum that we use encourages musical creativity, while students learn all of the necessary elements of music that they need to know to become a great player. Most importantly they are having fun as they learn. Our teaching method, featuring our own 

Chord-Builder™ and Quik Play Charts™ ,fill in all the gaps and make understanding music easy, even for those who want to learn how to play by ear. You can actually learn how to play your favorite songs just by listening to them....with no sheet music needed! We've worked with hundreds of students in the past decade, and hope you'll check out a free trial class with us. 

"Tuesday Afternoon" by The Moody Blues  by Ryan Age 10

Several concerts each year and performance opportunities throughout the year!



PRIVATE CLASS: (30 Minutes) These classes offer a one-on-one setting and are the recommended option for most of our beginner to intermediate students. Private classes allow students dedicated time with their instructor and allows students to focus on the songs that THEY want to learn. Understanding how to compose and create your own music is an integral part of of this process too! 

DUET CLASS: (30 minutes) Duet classes are perfect for students who prefer working with a friend, a sibling or even a parent. These classes combine the flexibility of a private class with the energy of group classes. Duet classes are also a great time saving option for parents with 2 students that can share a single 30 minute time slot.  

ADVANCED DUET CLASS: (45 minutes) Recommended for duets with more experience. The additional time gained in this setting is equivalent to 2 extra classes each month. 

ROCK BAND / ROCK UNIVERSITY: (60 Minutes) This is one of our coolest programs! Musicians, at any level of experience, learn to play in a real Rock Band. This program is offered both as a weekly class and  at Summer Camps at Cary Academy SuumerQuest, and both of our Cary and Clayton studios for our  SummerRocks! Camps.  Several key advantages of group classes are that students learn how to play songs with other musicians, and also write songs as a group. 



Monday-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm

Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm


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