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What people say about us....

Two amazing locations with Award winning Musicians and Artists

With studios in Cary and Clayton, we have worked with thousands of students in the past decade, and many of our students have gone on to pursue careers in the fields on Music and Arts. 


Come and take a free trial class, and get ready to have fun while you learn! 

What Parents say about CSCA:


Dina Altum is the best for vocals and composition. My 15 year old daughter has been working with Dina for almost three years. Dina is professional, patient, warmhearted and so sweet. My daughter’s vocal skills have developed significantly while working with her. Not only is Dina an amazing vocal teacher, but she is also very talented at composition. Now my daughter and Dina are working on composing original songs to record in a studio which is really exciting and fun! We are so grateful for her expertise!


You're amazing and we really are so grateful for your work!



Email Message: Tom taught both of my kids piano. He was wonderful and used the best approach for each kid. They went on to love trombone and baritone. Jay is now teaching high school music and Ben was just accepted into the Hayes School of Music at App State!  (Feb 2022)
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your help with Eva. We can see so much improvement and confidence in this short period of time we couldn't be any happier. Dina is amazing and a great fit for my once shy little girl.  You were so right  when you matched them :) 
I am happy to share exciting news. Last week Eva auditioned for a Peter Pan Jr. role. She  was complimented for being well prepared and the director told us she had an excellent audition (Thank you Dina!) Eva was called-back for Wendy and was finally  chosen for Tinkerbell (which was the role she was originally hoping for).   As you can imagine she is gleaming with the news. "

" Great teachers. My daughter loves coming here."
  • Natalia Prorov (Dec  2017)​

  • "Our son has been a student of the school for 7 years. He has had wonderful lessons and the opportunity to add more instruments, and be part of two mentored rock bands. The summer camps are second to none for immersion. This is such a community!"  Mary Collins (Dec 2017)
  • "My kids have learned quickly and enjoy taking piano lessons from Tom. There is a real focus on creativity which I think is important, especially for kids."  Aura Kenney  (Dec 2017)
  • "Our family has been very pleased with the enthusiasm of our instructor and the knowledgeable approach that is shared with our children. He finds their interests and uses those to help them succeed in what they are learning. We think it is a great place to learn something new and have fun!"

    Amanda Thompson (Dec 2017)  

  • "Great music teachers. Best experience with voice, piano and digital recording lessons, my daughter is learning and improving her singing and piano every month, what I like the most is the friendly environment where my daughter is able to express herself choosing lessons that are not boring at all so she keeps interested at all times. Thank you Ms Dina, Mr Justin and Mr Tom."

    Maria Villarroel and Mia Moore   (Dec 2017)

  • "Amazing teacher, Chris Visi. My daughter went in less than a year from never playing guitar to being able to not only play the songs he teachers her but also look up songs and play them independently. Very impressed!"

    Andrea Hosfelt   (Fri Dec 15 2017)

  • "The personalities and flexibility of the instructors in working with different learning styles and music interests that keep the students interested in continuing to learn."

    Vivian ( Fri Dec 15 2017)   

  • "Awesome."

    Nitika Prajapati    Fri Dec 15 2017​

  • "Great teachers."

    Angela  Fri Dec 15 2017


  • "Great instructors and really tailored to each individual student."

    N.B. (Sat Dec 16 2017)​​

  • "The instructors are very relaxed and are truly interested in transferring their passion for music to my child. My child enjoys his piano lessons with Dina and now instead of being forced to play at home, he plays it for his own interest. Which is heartwarming to see."

    Jayanthi  (Sat Dec 16 2017)



  • "My son really enjoys his lessons! He looks forward to going and has fun! His teacher inspires confidence in him!"

    Heather  (Dec 2017)   

  • "Professional, talented staff dedicated to teaching and training youth to be excellent musicians."

    Paige Gunter  (Dec 2017)

  • "My son takes piano lessons from Mr. Justin Womble. He has been such a patient and kind teacher. My son loves going to piano each week. We moved to the other side of town, but continue to stay at CSCA because it's such a wonderful place."

    Kristin George  (Dec 2017)

  • 5 Stars! We have been attending the Saturday morning Anime Drawing at CSCA for over 4 years. Mr Eddie has been teaching my daughter how to draw anime style and any other type of technique she inquires about. Mr. Eddie works with each student to develop their skills at their own pace by letting students choose their own pieces that inspire them (as another parent mentioned). Mr. Eddie is an outstanding teacher and great with children of all ages. It has been a great place to meet other like-minder friends who have developed a friendship outside of this class! I highly recommend CSCA. It is a great learning environment with outstanding teachers                                                  Chris   (2017)

  •   I just wanted to say thank you again for letting my son,  have the opportunity to explore his music passion this summer.  He is still talking about how awesome it was.  He had a great time with Kam.  I'm sharing the video I took of him at the end of the week performance.  We will definitely be signing up again next summer and recommending it to everyone!  
    Hannah C (2019)

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We’d love to hear from you!

111 James Jackson | Cary NC | 27513|

427 e. Main St. |Clayton NC |27520

Tel: 919.279.3581 |

Our Philosophy:

Music and art is for everyone at any age, and there is simply no one who can't play music or can't draw.


The difference is that we make the learning part of it easy, fun and rewarding. It's up to you, how far you take it! 


Taking the time to develop your musical and artistic talents,  will allow you to CREATE your own music and art. It will bring an amazing sense of enrichment to your life.

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